About Modo

From now onwards there will be a revolution in how we choose the most suitable type of Lighting.  For many years we have become accustomed to inefficient lights that suffer from fast depreciation in output and require replacement bulbs every year or so.  Add to this high running costs, high CO2 emissions and the hazardous chemicals that many contain.  It all adds up to the right time to change our habits and adopt clean, low energy LED.

LED lighting has become a real contender on the market, based on semiconductor technology; LEDs use electricity much more efficiently with much less energy wasted as heat and typically requiring only 1/3 to 1/5 of the power required for a like-for-like replacement.  Also consider the fact that the lifetime of LED is ten to twenty times longer than traditional lamps and is infinitely more robust with minimal depreciation in light output over this time.

LED is the perfect solution but so far still only represents 5% of the market because historically the up-front costs were higher.  Despite the now fast payback times the economic climate has proved a challenge for the industry, but with Governments and Companies throughout the world being legislated to reduce their carbon footprint, LED is the new buzz word on everyone’s lips.

So why is MODO different and how can we lead the mass deployment of LED as all the industry experts are now predicting?  Modo are the exclusive Distributors of Foxconn LED Lighting for Europe and the Middle East.  Foxconn is the worlds largest electronic contract manufacturer producing famous products such as the Apple iPod, iPad and iPhone, Sony Play Station, Dell and many other large household brands.  Foxconn is China’s largest exporter and currently employs 650,000 staff across the globe.  With Foxconn focusing on LED we are sure to offer grade ‘A’ quality with pricing that will make LED affordable and the smart commercial choice for any lighting application.  As demand quadruples through 2011 the vast production capacity at Foxconn will allow us to maintain consistent high quality supply for even the largest LED orders.

Please review our Website and consider us your partner for the future.  It is going to be an exciting year ahead!  We look forward to showing you how we can offer you a low cost, clean and commercially viable solution for all your lighting requirements!